WE ARE … A Lenten Sermon Series

Easter is very early this year, which means that Lent begins early, too. The first Sunday is just around the corner, February 14.

Our core leadership at FCC has engaged a process over the last six months of planting and nurturing our core culture more deeply and broadly in us. We came together once a month to explore three core identities: Being Open, Welcoming and Compassionate. These both describe accurately who we are as a Disciples congregation and set the focus for who we are still becoming. We are all in process, aren’t we?

We Are Series - Lent 2016Together our congregation lived with a common denominator that set our vision of being in the world: To bring ourselves and others into a vital faith and relationship with Jesus. Lately, however, we began asking the question: What is more unique to us? Who are we as a gathered community that is descriptive of who we are? As our leadership took on those questions we quickly realized that any core culture is both what you say and what you do.

So, as we came together, we explored and formed a common language around being Open, Welcoming and Compassionate. What do we mean by those core cultural identities and how do we practice them in meaningful and world-altering ways? To plant this core culture more deeply in us, we all committed to a 30-Day Spiritual Practice for each concept. We partnered with another leader to keep our transformation alive and to hold ourselves accountable.

This sermon series will basically do the same for all of us. It promises to be one of the most important things we will do together. It will shape us into the community that God is inspiring us to be.