More than an open mind

From many people’s perspective a Trump presidency begins in deep uncertainty. This is my own perspective. At the very least “we owe him an open mind”, to quote Hillary Clinton – if for no other reason than he is a fellow human being in whom God’s generosity is abundant. Do you remember that we said that the last two Sundays? That I asked you to make that a kind of mantra for your self? God’s generosity is abundant in all creation. 

We really owe him much much more. Jesus said it most plainly. Love God and love neighbor; this is the heart of the gospel. I can rationalize this completely away, but God keeps telling me it’s true and to trust him: Donald J. Trump is my neighbor. That’s one of the hardest sentences I’ve had to write lately, because now that it’s in black and white I’ve got to be a Christian, a disciple of Christ.