Thinking toward the end of Lent

I’m having this thought right now:
I’m starting to tell people that I pastor a church that allows me to be Open and to go and to grow to any of the places God wants to take me. I’m very careful with that; because it’s actually very rare and very fragile. That’s an important way I think about these people I pastor.
And new people join us every day, and new ones leave every day. We think of ourselves (and I’m trying this on for myself) as just kind of touching people with the Spirit for however long they’re with us. Or maybe it’s that we are touching them in the Spirit that is everywhere present and to be experienced. That wherever they go and land in their lives, they remember this place as a safe place to be, where they experienced the gospel. And then in that memory, rejoice and celebrate that it was a place where the kingdom of God showed up, where the will of God happened on earth as it is in heaven.
I think that’s the beginning of a vision of the Church that we with many others can bring to the Table, the One Big Table, The Table of our Lord Jesus, who is the Christ.

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