Everyone belongs

To be a servant of God, your spirit must be noble and unfettered. You will need to have a very large vision of God’s kingdom, one in which everyone and every living thing belongs. Division, disunity, and judgment have harmed God’s cause again and again. If you want to serve Jesus, who is King of kings and Lord of lords, you must understand that the world belongs to God, and that God does not want to relinquish any part of it. You must see that Christ lays claim on everyone – whether high or low, good or bad. Everything that lives belongs to God. And this truth should be not only in our heads but in our blood and in every breath. As a servant of Jesus Christ, do not give up on anyone – even the worst among us. We have to believe, for ourselves and for others, that we all belong to God. I may be stupid and clumsy – I may even commit grave sin – but my true self, which is created in God’s image, belongs to God. Neither sin nor death can change this fact.


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