Gospel medicine is on the way

Hopefully, you have a sense of what is coming that will frame our weekly gathering time. We begin a new conversation around a series of sermons called Gospel Medicine.

It’s been hard to focus on anything but Hurricane Harvey. We have a long, long way of recovery to go. So the times of coming together weekly will be more important than ever. We will need this spiritual practice to sustain us in the long run, to give us a place and community to process all that swirls around us.

For our time, I want to do what Barbara Brown Taylor does in her book called, “Gospel Medicine.” She sees stuff; and I like what she describes about what she sees. I want to show you some of the stuff she’s shown me, because I think you’ll like what you see, too.

Which won’t necessarily be just what I see.

Our times together on Sundays is wholly important. Gospel medicine is about being and becoming whole. We worship and in that context we begin a conversation. I grant you that I do most of the talking; however, I do see myself as laying out before us something that begins a larger conversation. The conversation takes place in a lot of different locations: It takes place in our heads and hearts among ourselves first. Then in our homes, hopefully. Then in every other place we find ourselves, among our neighbors, friends and co-workers, wherever authentic conversations can really happen. My guess is that given the devastation of Harvey those conversations will happen more frequently.

There is healing in the words we speak, in the Story we tell, in the midst of what we experience and see. What good news should frame our conversations? Luke helps us find the healing that all seek in the deepest places of our hearts: finding purpose, bringing clarity, and setting ourselves and the world on fire.


One thought on “Gospel medicine is on the way

  1. Michael, thanks for your faithful presence among the disaster of Houston’s storm damage. I’ll follow you on your Vital Pastor posts rather than attempt to call you. Feel free to call if you want to talk. Carl


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