Gospel Medicine

We are walking around with Luke Sunday; it’ll be a last time until we do it again. Luke is like an old friend we haven’t seen in a while, but who always seems like he’s always there. I think of my friend Carl in that way, who lives in Happy Island, AK, with whom I talk every two weeks about books, and stuff. Happy Island, AK: I’ve never been there, but I’m envious.

Carl called me through all this last month. It’s been a month, don’t you think? Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Carl called me every Monday morning at 9:30 and left me a message basically saying: Hey Pal, I’m going to just call you this time every week. You don’t have to answer. Just my way of saying you’re in my thoughts. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. I don’t deserve such a friend.

Luke is just that kind of friend to us through his story of Jesus. He shares Gospel Medicine.

Luke is uniquely positioned to talk about Jesus, because he’s a physician. He’s a physician, but Barbara Brown Taylor speculates that if Luke were to fill out one of those forms today and came to the box where you put your occupation, that Luke would write “disciple”. Luke helps us find the healing that all seek in the deepest places of our hearts.

Luke puts this on full display for us Sunday. He preserves his most personal story for last: Two friends on the road to Emmaus. I’m thinking he was one.

Read Luke 24:13-35


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