A prayer for the day

O Father and Mother, O Giver of Life, we know deep within ourselves, that you surround us. We rest a moment in that thought. You surround us.

Not only that, but you are also deep within us. Your presence is given, a gift, a grace, the only real thing you have to give, and the only real thing we need. Let that awareness of your presence spur each one of us to listen well (to attend to your Word), and to #BeResurrection for all those who despair among us.

In the name of your resurrected Son, Jesus, who is everywhere to be experienced, we offer these words. Amen.


A snowball fight today …

I had a snowball fight with Grace and Hollis before leaving for school today. What fun it was! I was like Will Ferrell in Elf, standing behind my truck. Got Grace with a big snow ball right in her forehead. It was great! They didn’t even know how to pack a snowball. It was a crying shame!

The Lord is risen and everywhere to be experienced and enjoyed. #BeResurrection